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Bridge Housing

Annual & Financial Reports
design & print.

I’m always excited to get into the design of an Annual Report and this one was no exception, made all the more satisfying by getting to work with the lovely team at Bridge Housing.

Initially proposed as a 40 page Annual Report, the project grew to become substantially larger, the final document weighing in at 100 pages. The project also included design of a separate 32 page Financial Report.

Annual Report Production Stats

After creating the 36 graphs included in the annual report I was on a bit of a roll so I decided to do one more graph, crazy as that may seem. The below graph is a brief overview of the production for the Annual Report, interestingly but not surprisingly, email communication pushed the stats up to nearly 200, coffee intake coming a respectable third place …thanks to my local roaster/brewer Coffee Alchemy :)Bridge Housing Annual Report Design & Production Stats

Bridge Housing Annual & Financal Report CDAccompanying CD

Along with downloadable versions on the Bridge Housing website the digital versions of the Annual & Financial Reports were included on a CD and attached to the inside back cover of the Annual Report using a transparent CD pouch.


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