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Crazy little monsters from a galaxy far, far away 🙂


These little characters were born onto the page in 2005, I have been living with them for a while now and they have become a part of the Deep Space DNA, family.

A range of Monstars can be adopted here:

Monstars 10 - Space Buddies
Monstars 05 Crazy Space Party
Monstars 09 - Only the Lonely
Monstars 04 - Crazy Buddies
Monstars 08 - Crazy Friends
Monstars 03 - Tweaking
Monstars 07 - Small Pleasures
Monstars 02 - High on Love
Monstars 05 - Damn Spaceships
Monstars 01 - Beautiful Distraction

Little space Monstars greeting card illustrations.

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